4 Major Inbuilt capabilities of Salesforce

     Salesforce, powered by Customer 360, is a reliable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. It also provides a complementary set of enterprise applications centered on automated Marketing, Data Analytics, Client Services, and App Development. In this blog, we explain four major features and capabilities of Salesforce CRM.

1. Salesforce Cloud Service: it provides all the tools that your attorneys will require to improve Customer Engagement. It enables you to use the power of Artificial Intelligence to automate all business processes and offer customer interaction assistance across all channels, gain actionable insight into each customer engagement, and make high revenue.

2. AI-aided Analytics and Reports: in Salesforce CRM, Tableau enables interactive drag-and-drop analysis at all skill levels. It also enables legal businesses to identify visual patterns quickly and share knowledge across groups and attorneys to drive growth in their case management.

 3. Lead, Contact, and Opportunity Management: Lead Management makes use of the Sales Path to gain a deeper understanding of the pertinent documents. Similarly, Contact Management benefits attorneys by giving users access to vital client information and interaction history. It also provides a comprehensive client picture, including engagement-boosting strategies and insights. And with regards to opportunity management, It allows you to view your customers’ activity timeline. It also shows the various phases of a particular operation, which assists lawyers in deciding their next step.

 4. Forecasting Features: a law firm can obtain a holistic overview of its Sales Pipeline and comprehend how the business is performing in the market by using Sales Forecasting. It monitors the progress of leads in the pipeline to ensure that they arrive at their destinations. You can also get a strong business forecast by analyzing this data.

There exist many more valuable functionalities of Salesforce. extracting large datasets from a diversified set of data sources. For the majority of law firms, performing the intelligent analysis can be challenging, and this is where Rafayee Cloud Leaders can offer its consulting services. Rafayee Cloud Leaders provides an expert and fast way to move data from various databases into applications such as Salesforce CRM and streamline business operation. 

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