Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to information land 🙂  If you have questions about Salesforce CRM. You’re in the right place. 

If your data is disorganized and unclear, with no records of customer behavior and conversations, you are surrounded by a range of inefficiencies, which can be effectively plugged by a CRM. Furthermore, ineffective customer management and mishandling of potential customers or leads demonstrate the need for CRM software to manage your operations and business relationships.

Yes, CRM is beneficial even if your company is small because all customer-oriented businesses use CRM software to record, manage, and maintain customer relationships, as well as automate business processes. Moreover, CRM enables you to focus more on new opportunities & sales rather than struggling with issues like segregated data, manual reporting, lack of understanding of customer behavior, etc.

You should choose Salesforce CRM for your business because it is a cloud-based CRM that offers a variety of clouds for different operations and comes in various price ranges to accommodate every business's budget. Furthermore, Salesforce services provide a wide range of customizations and third-party integrations.

Yes, Salesforce development and Salesforce Consulting Services will upscale your business by building stronger relationships with your existing customers and leads, retention of customers, converting leads into customers, reducing the cost of sales, and helping you to measure your business performance.

Yes, Salesforce offers different clouds such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud which help to increase your customer engagement and manage your leads.

You need to switch to Salesforce because Salesforce offers a large number of customizations, third-party integrations, and large clouds to choose from such as Vlocity development and support, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Analytics Cloud along with many more clouds to choose from, with respect to your requirement. For more info, please refer to our whitepaper on Why Salesforce?

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