How is Salesforce becoming the most opted CRM for law firms

     Today, more than ever, an increasing number of law firms are utilizing CRM. The trend reveals high requirements for technology in the legal domain, in a bid to serve clients better and compete in the market effectively. Salesforce CRM is the most flexible and customizable platform for every type of business. It is armed with a great number of functionalities, strong safety protocols, advanced automation, workflow, and so on. In this blog, we briefly discuss the major reasons behind Salesforce’s increasing demand in the legal industry.  

1. Providing a 360-degree view of Client: Salesforce has the ability to provide the overall client experience in a law firm. It helps law firms to realize how a customer was attended to in different stages of the work and if there is any improvement required, it can be strategized further.

2. Ability To Prioritize Tasks as Per Their Importance: Law firms deal with a great number of clients, and as the business grows, handling great volumes of tasks becomes troublesome. Salesforce helps lawyers to set follow-ups and deadlines for every important case and monitor its progress regularly.

 3. Advanced-Data Collection, Centralization, and Analysis Tools: One of the most beneficial features of Salesforce is centralized data storage, together with one of the best analytical tools and reports of the data, giving Salesforce an edge in the market. Having a Salesforce CRM enriches a law firm with all types of information and places the firm as the top performer in the market.

4. Streamlined and Automated Processes: Automation is widely used nowadays by every type of business. Salesforce provides Automation as one of its significant tools to eliminate redundant work and speed up the business process. A streamlined set of actions saves time for lawyers to pay attention to important matters.

5. Customisation and Configuration: Configuration and customization are two different levels of modification in Salesforce, with regard to the type of the business. From one point-a-click configuration till the developmental stage helps law firms to experience the most user-friendly CRM platform.

As mentioned above, Salesforce provides the best CRM technology packaged with advanced tools for marketing, case management, client communication, automated billing, invoice process, and many more. To be able to serve your client in the best possible way, a law firm needs to have all data in one spot that can be easily retrieved at any time and place. Rafayee Cloud Leaders are known for their expertise in Salesforce consultation & implementation services. To find out more about Rafayee Loud Leader’s services, schedule a call with us.

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