Key Factors for Law Firms to Consider While Screening Prospects

     Prospect screening is an essential part in the process of finding the right clients, who can be served well and earn profits for the practitioner and the firm. It’s important to mention that every client can benefit the firm financially. However, not all of them are worth the effort. Therefore, a law firm can maintain comprehensive prospects screening processes through proper question forms, analysis and information on every prospect. This can be facilitated by the following:

 1. Clearly defined scope of services: Every law firm has its scope of services, resources and capabilities. Similarly, the process of prospect and client screening should be fulfilled with respect to available resources and skills. A law firm should ensure that approaching clients are within the scope of the firm’s services. This will assist a law firm to be able to serve a client better in further stages and avoid complications and disappointment for both the client and the lawyers. 

 2. Past experience of clients with other law firms: In order to have a better understanding of the clients’ demands and needs, assessing possible past experiences with other law firms is very significant. At times, evaluating past engagements helps to find out the complication of the client’s case and keenly observe if your law firm is able to help or not.  


 3. Check the practicality of clients’ demands: There exist clients whose cases do not have practical aspects. In such cases, a law firm will be in trouble if they enter into an agreement. Therefore, during the screening process, exact and in-depth queries should be made regarding the nature of the client’s case. A law firm should ensure that a case is most likely to be a successful one before closing the deal with the clients. 

 4. Fee and charges Information: Giving information about fees will give a clear picture to clients, which will in turn decide whether to go ahead with your firm or not. Fee clarity has many benefits to law firms. One of them is time-saving. Sometimes lawyers go steps ahead with a client based upon the hope that the client will accept their services and make the deal, but due to the fees quoted at a later stage, the client will end up not signing up for the services. As a result, both time and resources of law firms are wasted.

Asking proper and exact questions and taking time on the responses are major determinants for successful cases and easy operation for the attorneys. To develop, automate and streamline the screening process, the right technology utilization is necessary. Rafayee Cloud Leaders are experts in Salesforce CRM Consultancy in the market. To know more about Rafayee Cloud Leaders services, please visit our website:

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