Comparison Between Salesforce Editions

     Salesforce CRM is an essential investment for every law firm as an advancement towards the firm’s goals and objectives. Salesforce provides various editions depending upon the need of a company.  However, prior to purchase of a Salesforce CRM, your law firm is required to evaluate all the available editions and take a decision in aligning with its objective, growth and prosperity. Here are what you need to know about four Salesforce Editions:

 1. Essentials Edition: It is the most suitable Edition for small size firms. Essential Edition entails user friendly interface and easy to use functionality. Essentials fulfills all basic needs of a business, and costs $25 monthly. In this edition, mobile compatibility, custom sales process, communication channels, opportunity, accounts and lead are available. Essential Edition supports Gmail and Outlook integration.

 2. Professional: This Edition is a full featured CRM that is capable of managing a complete business operation process. It costs $75 per month. Professional Edition is designed for small as well as medium size firms. Sales cycles are completely managed in this edition, including forecasting, analytics and reports. 

 3. Enterprise: Third edition is comparatively a complicated and configurable CRM; however, its utilization scope is greater than Professional. It can be utilized by both high-level executives and low-level sales teams. Enterprise costs $150 per month. This Edition is well fit for large size enterprises. All Professional Edition features are included in Enterprise Edition along with a few more functionalities that adds to the capability of the Enterprise Edition. 

 4. Unlimited: In this Edition, extra capacities such as storage, customization and integration are included. big size corporations can opt for Unlimited Edition owing to its strong and expanded functionalities. It costs $300 per month. By utilizing and deploying the Unlimited Edition, a firm is able to access world class resources and have the assistance of developers to customize the CRM as per their business structure and objectives. 

It’s vital for a firm to thoroughly plan and set its organization goals first, after that, they can choose a Salesforce Edition accordingly. Salesforce CRM will undoubtedly enhance the sales process and automate various tasks. Customization and configuration will tailor the CRM exactly based on a law firm’s requirement. Visit Rayaee Cloud Leaders website ( to know and discover more about Salesforce CRM, and set an appointment if you need consultation.

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