Why Automation and Time Tracking is Essential for Law Firms

     According to a study conducted by Google, it takes a researcher an average of 40 to 50 minutes to search for an answer to a query. Fast pace communication with leads or prospects is one of pivotal factors in lead conversion and client retention. Law firms are required to keenly track the time spent on every task to reduce unnecessary time wastage. Salesforce CRM technology provides solutions to these challenges. The following are main importance of automation and time tracking:  

 1. To Optimize Time Management: Time factor is a major reason why most law firms spend a lot of time on regular administrative tasks rather than important case related activities. By optimizing time management, every task will be assigned a time limit as per.

 2. To Increase Client Retention: It more often happens that a client does not receive sufficient attention with respect to their case/inquiry or experiences delayed communication. Such drawbacks can be fixed by implementing Automation in communication processes, documents, cases, workflows and tracking the amount of time spent on each of them. 

 3. Optimize Marketing Efforts: Marketing activities are one of the complicated, intensive, and time taking tasks in every law firm. To smoothen the marketing process and optimize the efforts made on different marketing channels, Salesforce Automation and time tracking functionalities seeks to improve marketing activities.

 4. Enhanced Billing Task: Billing accuracy is a common issue in the majority of law firms. To overcome this inaccuracy, enhance billing process, and increase client satisfaction, Salesforce Automation can be utilized.

 5. Insightful Reports on Day to Day Activities: Reports are the main tools of monitoring overall business performance. With the help of time tracking, daily reports can be effectively generated. Given the obtained reports, a law firm will be able to evaluate the level of effective time utilization on each activity, and if required, suggest modifications to the current procedures.

 6. Increase Business Efficiency: Automated workflow and time tracking are two major constituents of generic law firm efficiency. With their help, Legal operations will be prioritized, all administrative, departmental and legal activities will be automated sequentially. Overall performance of law firms will increase and in-turn lead to optimized efficiency of the firm. 

Utilizing Salesforce will enable your law firm to automate all business operations and keep track of time. This will in-turn facilitate your law firm in managing its entire sales pipeline, staff’s productivity, reputation and streamline communication. Reach out to Rafayee Cloud Leaders to benefit from our industry experience and implement Salesforce CRM in your firm.

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