4 Reasons Behind Low Lead Conversion Rate in the Legal Industry?

     For a law firm to register growth in its business, every lead’s conversation to clients in the future is pivotal. The subsequent process of enhancing lead conversion can be lengthy and prolonged but it can also be easily managed with appropriate plans and basket of actions. Rafayee Cloud Leaders in this blog, provides a glance into the major reasons that behind low lead conversion rates, so as to help law firms identify loopholes and take corrective measures and actions to increase conversion rate and increase the underlying process:

1. Lack of on-time response to lead: Effective marketing is essential in attracting leads. But attraction alone is not sufficient in keeping leads. Effective, personalized and on-time communication are prerequisites in identifying qualified leads and sorting them out into key categories for further specific oriented communications and services. 

2. Existence of strong competition in the market: As highlighted earlier, every lead is critical for a law firm. Worthy competitors in the market birth the best marketing techniques in an effort not to lose any qualified leads. To avoid staggering behind, competitor’s techniques need to be observed keenly and appropriate responses are crafted. In addition, the utilization of technology, such as Salesforce CRM and all its potential functionality that can smoothen lead attraction and conversion, all availed in one place.

 3. Lack of efficient communication with prospective and first time clients: Another important reason is the prospective and first time clients. A client at initial stages might not be well acquainted with a law firm, thus, a weaving trust and uncertain loyalty towards the firm. In order to avoid client distraction there is a need for fast, friendly, and right to the point communication with clients and assure them of quality services your law firm provides.

 4. Lack of well-structured contact forms: Contact forms contain a few numbers of questions that will be filled out by leads. When a lead spends time to fill out contact forms, they have an expectation that has to be met by a law firm and quick follow ups. As such eliminating repetitive questions in further communication and extracting the most information out of contact forms filled by leads is vital.

Most of the time, it’s the very small but strategic steps that can reveal real growth in your law firm and convert unresponsive leads to profit generating clients. Today, the most appropriate tool to enhance marketing and lead communication is Salesforce CRM. Rafayee Cloud leaders provide the best CRM solutions to the firms in the legal domain. Read more about us here:

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