4 Comprehensive Salesforce Implementation Stages

     Salesforce Implementation starts with understanding customers’ business requirements, performing feasibility study, identifying the right technology platforms and then designing & delivering best-fitting tools that can enhance the productivity, sustainability and growth of each business user and also the overall business. In order to fully benefit from Salesforce implementation, it’s also crucial to involve all stakeholders from the beginning stage, training the staff adequately and providing maintenance and continuous support even after implementation. Only then, the business can extract return on investment, provide client satisfaction and gain their loyalty, etc. 

Each stage of the implementation is detailed below:

 1. Planning & Consultation: It’s highly recommended to hire a Salesforce expert team from the planning stage, as they can better navigate you throughout the phases efficiently. Set your objectives and timelines right along with the consultant, and having an internal manager assigned will also help to track the overall activities and ensure that the project goes on track.

 2. Data Preparation and Transfer: Moving forward with a well-executed implementation, data arrangement and organization is of huge importance, as it shapes the base for your performance. Ensuring there are no duplicated data. Next, the data has to be transferred from old platforms to your new Salesforce Software.  Using report builder, your legal firm can generate its customized sales reports and performance metrics. 

 3. Effective Staff Training: Training is the next significant level, all staff have to get trained via workshops or training programs by a salesforce consultant, in order to familiarize with every functionality of the platform and make the operation process smooth and streamlined.

 4. Tracking Performance: It is at the tracking stage where the efficiency and effectiveness of your Salesforce Software will be proved. Every sales rep will be able to evaluate firm performance individually, receive client feedback and messages to take necessary corrective action to smoothen legal operation. 

To take advantage of Salesforce Software at your law firm level, successful implementation may not always be adequate. To have a Salesforce consultant in order to connect over time, receive feedback and team support, will go a long way in assisting to maintain the productivity at the highest possible parameters. Rafayee Cloud Leaders are well acquainted in the Law domain and can provide its experience to solve your challenges during and post implementation.

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