5 Key Automations That Accelerate Legal Business Growth

     Automation is an ever-increasing demand in every company nowadays, and according to Mckinsey Global; the existing technology is able to automate 23% of an attorney’s work. With the help of Salesforce today any law firm is able to automate a major portion of the operation, cut down all non-billable hours so that to serve the clients better and attract more clients. Here we will discuss the benefits that automation can give to your firm:

 1. Automated Document Workflows: legal firms always deal with very complicated legal papers. Automation in document creation and conversion can remove a big barrier to save time. Being able to maintain and distribute information all over your business is a valuable advantage.

 2. Timely Communications: salesforce provide cloud based legal client relationship management that has immense influence on sustaining clients. Automated communication solutions will enable you to follow-up client’s case progress without any hurdle and reduce dissatisfaction level of clients.

 3. Automated Time Tracking : Salesforce for law firms provide time trackers, using that the exact time spent on a work will be recorded as well as the billing detail, by which a legal entity can display the time and efforts they made to accomplish a task. That honesty can attract more clients for the future.

 4. Automated Billing & Collections: to increase the speed of bill collection, a law firm has to ensure the accuracy and compliance of the work as well. Salesforce can streamline the invoicing and collection process for both client and attorney sides. Where all payments can be made at once using any online payment tools following that automated follow ups will be carried out.

 5. On-time & Quicker Client Service: with Salesforce you can create automated legal workflow where you can reduce manual errors, omit repetitive tasks and eventually respond faster to your client’s demand in service.

Your law firm needs Automation to find new opportunities and reduce the overall workload of employees in order to not fall behind in 2022. Choose Rafayee Cloud Leaders as a Salesforce consultant will be at your service to boost up your legal operation and enjoy the automation solution at your firm level. We also share here (Salesforce Customisation – Rafayee Cloud Leaders). 

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