Efficient Document Management for Law Firms using Salesforce

     Digitalization over the past decade has transformed business processes across industries. Law firms, although not the frontrunners in adopting technology, also began to witness significant cost reduction and agility by using cloud technologies like Salesforce. As law firms’ core strength lies in their knowledge management, it’s crucial that their ever-growing documents, emails, meetings and messages are effectively managed using a one-stop solution like Salesforce.

     The typical pain points of law firms in document management are as follows:

  • Disorganized file storage, unmanaged versioning and Information silos
  • Low productivity as attorneys use multiple applications to manage documents
  • No real-time document collaboration with internal and external stakeholders
  • Retaining access to documents if an attorney leaves the organization
  • Lack of protection from cyber attacks on the sensitive legal documents

     This is exactly where Salesforce emerges as the go-to platform with its diversified benefits to law firms. The following are the advantages of using Salesforce, over any traditional document management software:

1. Documents organized by matter: By organizing contracts and other documents at the matter level in Salesforce CRM, attorneys/lawyers can quickly access key information before entering into any meeting and increase their day-to-day productivity. Moreover, seamless searching of documents using Salesforce Global Search and managed versioning enable users to declutter the ever-growing file repositories at law firms.

2. Collaborative access & edits: Salesforce allows collaborative access and editing of files not only with internal members but also with external parties.

3. Seamless Integration with OneDrive & Google Drive: If your law firm is very much habituated to use the well-established tools like OneDrive or Google Drive, we can integrate those document management tools with Salesforce CRM so that you can access all information at one place


 4.  Effortless Knowledge Transfer: Salesforce Knowledge is a place where articles, policy documents, etc. can be saved and can further be shared with colleagues or external users effortlessly.

 5.  Document Workflow Automation: Legal teams need to create, update and analyze contracts collaboratively. The entire process of document drafting till final approval can be automated into the platform, as per your organization’s preferences.

  6.  Third-party Integrations for Additional Features: Salesforce AppExchange offers plenty of third-party tools for add-on features like adding digital signatures, customizing file storage, etc. Thus, there is always flexibility to expand beyond standard features of Salesforce. 

An efficient document management software is a key requirement for boosting a legal firm’s growth and success. To implement one at your law firm to boost your day-to-day productivity, we recommend taking assistance from Salesforce Consultants like Rafayee Cloud Leaders.

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