Major reason why attorneys need time-tracking technology

     Law firms face time management issues more often, the time spent on administrative tasks, client acquisition, and marketing usually tends to raise challenges toward effective timing. Traditional time management techniques are no longer responsive. A CRM can facilitate law firms with high-level time-tracking functionality in every section of legal processes. Given the importance of time-tracking technology, we elaborate on three main benefits that can be obtained from a CRM time-tracking tool. 

1. Enhanced Productivity: time tracking enables law firms to keep track of billable and non-billable hours. To find out where time is unutilized and to eliminate unproductive actions from the work process. Having exact information on the time spent on every single task, the level of uncertain information, guessing and assumptions will be minimized. As such, attorneys are guaranteed a level of productivity and valuable working hours.

2. Increased Accuracy: Calculating billing hours tends to be more troublesome with respect to every client, as attorneys cannot accurately measure the time spent on every meeting, communication, and so on. As such, time-tracking eliminates the entire complexity of time management and provides the most accurate time figures and expenses of a legal case.  

 3. High Efficiency: A law firm deals with marketing, finance, accounting, administration and other works too. Utilizing time-tracking provides a clear picture of the time spent on any activity. Provided that, all non-productive hours can be eliminated such as times spent on invoicing and billing. To increase efficiency, time-tracking provides the best time management facility. 

Time is a precious element in law firms, especially when attorneys are engaged with various cases and legal matters. Time-tracking enhances running workflows, measuring meeting schedules, and tracking various jobs in parallel. Rafayee Could Leaders provide Tracking tools incorporated in Salesforce CRM With a highly expert team in the Legal CRM domain, your law firm’s efficiency, productivity, and accuracy will increase using Salesforce Time-tracking tools.

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