4 Major Importances of Reports and Analytics for Law Firms

     The intensiveness of competition in the market puts almost all small and new legal firms in a bottleneck. Client attraction, legal services, and creating goodwill has become challenging due to rivalry among law firms. The solution to the given problem is to build core competencies, as such, Reports and Analytics are categorically important for sustainability and competitive edge of a firm in the market. We cover 5 main points that we believe will help you and your firm in understanding the importance of Analytics, in this blog.

1. Maintain a Track of Sign-ups: Sign-ups and leads are both equally important. A constant growth can be realized in both signups and number of leads. To be able to have a simple and understandable report of all sign-ups, Salesforce CRM provides Analytics and reports functionality. Not knowing the sign-up rate results in false information on growth of the firm.

 2. Targeting Qualified Leads: Salesforce CRM analytics provides for brief display of analysis results of lead generation on specific period bases as per requirement. The analytical tools assists in identifying client needs, providing better solutions and facilitating client satisfaction through information-based decision making. 

 3. Gaining Insight from Client Surveys: The secret to serving your clients in this way is understanding their needs and requirements accurately. In a bid to realize this, a required amount of data can be collected through surveys, forms etc. Further, the collected data will be analyzed using Salesforce analytics and the results be provided in understandable graphs and reports.

 4. Revealing Absolute Profit and Loss: Last but not least, continuously  monitoring the gains and losses of a law firm will provide a glance into the law firm’s performance on weekly, monthly and even annual bases. Salesforce analytics will streamline the analysis segment and depict how the firm is performing. Consequently, the management will be able to take supportive decisions, thanks to Salesforce CRM’s Analytics and Reports.

The influence of technology advancement  and its impact on law practices cannot be ignored. As such, utilizing the best CRM and Analytics tools can positively influence your law firm performance from every angle. In order to have your needs and requirements met, Rafayee Cloud Leaders have comprehensive plans and expert teams to guide you through a smooth transition to Salesforce CRM.

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