Advanced Cloud-Based Approach to Transform your Law Firm

     Keeping pace with changes, maintaining fast response mechanisms towards industry upcomings is more critical now than ever.  The unprecedented COVID pandemic accelerated the pace for these major deviations in the legal industry. This coupled with customer’s preferences for digital initiatives by law firms, resulted in the emergence of a business ecosystem in desperate need of speedy adaptation to client demands.

 1. Future Oriented Business: A cloud-based law firm recognizes the future of law with technology and evolves with ever changing parameters in the legal industry. They acquire clients, provide services, and get paid online—and quickly move in that direction.

 2. Meeting Increasing Digital Expectations: As remote work and online meetings kept increasing especially since the pandemic, clients of all segments started expecting more services to be delivered digitally. Starting from onboarding formalities to legal counseling to billing, cloud based CRM like Salesforce smoothens a client’s journey and enriches his/her experience with your firm.

 3. Reduced Overall Cost: Utilizing Cloud-based solutions can drastically reduce the amount of costs incurred on periodical bases. Your law firm may be concerned regarding the cost of implementing a cloud-based technology, nevertheless, there is a need to also be aware of the return on investment in your firm. 

 4. Disaster Recovery Approach: Cloud technology provides disaster recovery plans that settle concerns with respect to loss of crucial data, confidential documents and case related information. Having mentioned that, incase of any Catastrophe, your data and information will be automatically backed up to an offsite repository, that never goes offline and can be accessed from any location, preventing probable catastrophe.

 5. High Level Data Security: Data that’s maintained in a near server is not as safe as a cloud storage. A cloud storage is armed with strong encryption that makes information much less vulnerable to hackers or anyone who is not authorized to access it. As per evidence, legal important information is on a safe shelf and no longer at stake with Cloud Storage. 

Cloud technology seeks to arm your firm with powerful facilities, by adding standardization in the entire business architecture and process. Desirable rewards can be realized when business staff are acquainted in various fields, embracing change and optimizing company transformation. Salesforce custom applications remain the tool for business development, revenue increase and client satisfaction.

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