6 Ways to Enhance Client Experience In your Law Firm

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     According to Bain and Company, businesses that excel in customer experience grow revenues by 4%–8% above their competitors. In the current post-pandemic era, customers’ digital expectations are on the rise and more importantly there is a clear shift in power from businesses to consumers. Thus, it’s highly crucial for legal firms too to take client experience seriously, which, in the long-run, will increase customer loyalty, retention and boost your business growth. Here we introduce six ways to make your client experience positive and smooth, to outsmart your competitors:


 1. Timely & Easier Communications: Responding with automated, personalized & custom messages to new prospects will always save time from lawyer’s hectic schedule, and will also ensure they don’t lose out on new business opportunities. With existing clients, find out which way of communication (Text/Email/Call etc.) is more preferable as per their history, and follow the same with them. The smoother and the easier you make the job for your clients, the longer your retainer will continue with them.

 2. Ease of payments: Post the pandemic, most clients started preferring the easier online payment methods over the traditional time-consuming methods like cheque. Moreover, providing multiple payment methods (including credit card) and flexible payment options (e.g. split & pay over 3 months) are the next level of services that can increase your customer experience and even increase referrals and retention.

 3. Always-Accessible Case Details: Waiting for small details on their case for days or sometimes even hours can be frustrating. At the same time, attorneys can’t be addressing each & every call/message during their extremely demanding schedules. Thus, by providing a Client Portal using Salesforce Cloud solutions will not only ensure that the clients can access their documents, messages, notes, etc. anytime but also ensure confidentiality of their data.

 4. Smoother Onboarding Formalities: Client onboarding typically involves collecting multiple details, getting contracts signed, etc. The tenuous these processes are designed, the longer it takes to get the case rolling. However, with tech tools like online forms and e-signatures, we can make your & your clients’ job easier so that you both can soon start focusing on taking the case forward.

 5. Easier Appointment Scheduling: typically, all law firms take a few days to reply to an email. Given that the process of scheduling meetings with attorneys will definitely get longer than any prospect/client wants. But, using Salesforce CRM, one can simply share the available calendar slots with one click to any new prospect or existing client, thereby improving client experience and ensuring they remain loyal to your services. 

 6. Centralized Database for All Departments:  It’s commonly observed that the clients seeking legal service have to share their case information in multiple departments (marketing/para legal/billing, etc.), which is not very pleasant especially because of the sensitive nature of most legal cases.  Thus, maintaining a centralized database of clients with appropriate access permissions to each department will ensure that each team will reach out to clients with all the updated case information, and provide the best client experience. 


  In today’s digital and competitive legal industry, your prospects will just be a click away from your competitors’ services. Thus, providing consistent client experience at every stage of your interaction with your clients/prospects is highly crucial. With our years of expertise in providing legal practice management solutions on cloud, we can empower your business with best-fitting one-stop-shop solutions so as to make your and your clients’ life a lot easier.

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