6 Benefits of Salesforce for Law Firm Marketing Strategies

     Every business crucially depends on an effective marketing channel in order to know it’s customers, and optimize it’s impact on them. As Nucleus puts Salesforce as a leader in marketing automation, A failure to utilize Salesforce Marketing benefits for any law firm can result in a competitive disadvantage from other players in the law domain. Here are a few handy benefits that any law firm needs to acquaint themselves with. 

 1. Enhanced Marketing campaigns: With the help of data centralization in Salesforce, the effectiveness of marketing strategy can be well analyzed. Webinars, landing pages, events and so on can drive your client’s interest. Through which your law firm can prioritize whichever strategy is outperforming and whose efforts are only time and resources consuming.

 2. Optimized Sourcing leads: As a legal entity, your company will receive various numbers of leads in many ways including emails, form submission … etc. Using Salesforce cloud marketing, you can centralize all the data in one place and carry out analytics to find out the source of major and important leads, henceforth strategizing the campaigns effectively. 

 3. Outperform email marketing: email is one of the most used communication tool in legal companies, with the help of Salesforce marketing package, use handy templates, modify and automate, to enhance your email marketing and reach out to your clients with real time messages, at the right time.

 4. Tracking Return on Investment: Salesforce Marketing Cloud and other associated products facilitate investment and tracking. Effectively investing in marketing campaigns, legal firms can generate exact leads and increase the number of appointments.  Salesforce marketing cloud enables to measure the performance of campaigns and ensure growth on investment return

 5. Prioritize and lead scoring: Customization feature in Salesforce allows law firms to score where the leads are generating mostly. Understanding what your lead is querying about you and what they want, lead score is key and can be used to classify which leads should be prioritized. Last but not least, Salesforce allows your firm to benefit through the Lead Intake Management process. 

 6. 360 degree view of every client: having all your data in a centralized way, will further enable you to engage with your clients in new ways and relevant messages to attract their attention, and generate more leads.. 

With the help of Salesforce Inspire action and loyalty in your clients given the most flexible, customizable platform. Rafayee Cloud Leaders as your Salesforce Consultant, are always happy to provide the best services for you and your firm’s growth.

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