6 Reasons Why Salesforce is Important for Modern-day Law Firms

      Are you looking for a case, matter or practice management software? Or do you already have one, but couldn’t reap its benefits to its fullest potential? Then, this article helps you understand why Salesforce is the go-to platform for law firms, irrespective of their size and scale, and how they can extract maximum benefits from it.

      Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM (Client Relationship Management) software and over the last three decades, it has emerged as the top player in the industry and is still continuously growing faster than its peers. This ever-evolving platform enables your law firm to effectively manage your existing cases, strategize your business development efforts and win more opportunities. With our years of expertise in implementing Salesforce for law firms, we are sharing below how you too can leverage Salesforce to grow your practice.

1. Highly Efficient Practice Management: Salesforce can help your law firm centralize all your practice’s critical information – cases, calendars, to-do’s, contracts, contacts, documents, bills and ever-growing list of items. It can also classify data, manage user access permissions, and automate workflows, while securing from any loss or leakage of your confidential data. These effective features, when tailored into day-to-day legal operations, can revolutionize law firms and set them lightyears apart from others over time.

2. Personalized Client Relationships: By consolidating the entire client’s history at one place and removing data silos, Salesforce arms you with the most relevant information before walking into each client meeting, to provide more personalized services, tactically execute cross-practice opportunities and increase your profitability.


3. Timely & Intuitive Reports and Dashboards: In today’s business world, a data centric decision making is the key to outbeat your competitors. With the ability to provide intuitive & insightful reports & dashboards, Salesforce can help you better visualize your business operations, strategize your business development efforts and ease your overall decision making process. 

4. Strategize your Business Development: With the ability to create tailored strategies to target markets, Salesforce enables you to create seamless experience at every touchpoint. You can also ensure that every client/prospect receives the right message at the right time and thus increase loyalty to your brand. With better control on your business development efforts, you can generate more leads, automate client intake processes and effectively track relationships with all stakeholders.

5. Plethora of Customizations: Salesforce is customizable to a level that can make you feel like it was built only for your business. Variety of components in Salesforce such as workflows, objects, records and approval processes can be deeply customized so that the technology can dovetail into your business operations without causing much disruption in the way you operate.

6. Integration with Third party applications: Salesforce offers information connections via third party applications through which a law firm can import and access all the required data of pending matters from different systems, spreadsheets and notebooks and thereby boosting business operations.

With such a transformative role in growing your practice, Salesforce technology needs to be meticulously customized to fit your exact needs and mode of working. We also shared here the best practices in Salesforce implementation that will ensure least possible disruption to your ongoing operations. If you would like to get in touch with us, we would be glad to assist you in the journey. 

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