Salesforce Configuration Vs Salesforce Customization for Law Firms.

     Salesforce Configuration and Salesforce Customization are two main functionalities with immense ability to facilitate Salesforce in enhancing user experience. In another perspective, the difference between these two revolves around their configuration i.e.  Salesforce configuration implies utilizing and modifying the system’s existing capabilities to improve business outcomes while, Salesforce customization differs in that, there are additional new functions and features that are not available in Salesforce configuration. These can further be dissected as below:

 1. Developing Salesforce Application: Configuration is the usage of User Interface existing functionalities. Salesforce Customization thus provides additional customized functionalities using coding facility, to enhance the effectiveness of Salesforce and avail additional capabilities.

 2. Methods Used for Functionality: Configuration of user-defined values enable a required feature to be operational. In customization, code is added to the salesforce object in order to perform an operation or a function.

 3. Complexity: Salesforce Configuration is easy and more user friendly. However, Salesforce customization requires apex coding at the development stage in order to create more responsive and efficient functionalities with direct benefit to a respective law firm. 

We recommend to utilize Salesforce Configuration first to meet most of your requirements, and only if additional features/improvements/automations are required then Salesforce Customization is the way to go. The need for Salesforce Customization will come into picture owing to diverse factors, of which three are listed below:  

  • Requirement of improved automation in various business operations.
  • Necessity of customized reporting and data analysis.
  • The need to integrate with third party applications for better functionality and operation.

 Salesforce is designed to facilitate a fast, friendly and smooth environment for its users. Both Salesforce Configuration and Salesforce Customization add immense value to overall operation of Salesforce CRM in a Law firm. Nevertheless, Salesforce Customization is majorly used in improving and aligning client and user’s needs, through customized features. There is a huge advantage in utilizing Customization in your law firm to prioritize tasks, perform tests in the sandbox, and implement customized features. You can also read more on this here

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