Sales Funnel in 3 Simple Stages

     High performers are 1.6X more likely to prioritize leads based on data analysis than underperformers — and half as likely to use intuition. Sales funnel, which includes all stages from early-stage brand discovery till final purchase, is an advantageous feature in online marketing, which has been deployed by many law firms in a bid to improve their marketing effectiveness. Having been used over years as an integrated component, here are steps through which Sales Funnel can efficiently be worked out: 

 1. Lead Attention:  For a law firm’s general marketing efforts to end up with successful lead generation, first initiatives need to be towards attracting clients attention. This can be fulfilled via various available channels, such as but not limited to webinars, TV, Social media posts, Pay Per Click ads, Blogs and Websites. Creative contents can also be employed to increase awareness of firms practice areas and to attract many attention from leads. 


 2. Creating Confidence with Leads: Lead generation alone is definitely not the key solution; a law firm has to build confidence in their Leads by ensuring high-quality branding & to-the-point communication. To achieve this, specified contents for target market, relevant case studies, value addition landing pages, and client testimonials are key. In addition to the above, there is a need to ensure that your firm maintains a well-equipped communication channel and proper communication with its Leads. 


 3. Lead Conversion: Lead conversion is a crucial undertaking, where you can make a difference in overall firm growth, it can be achieved by smartly answering lead queries, telephone conversation, in person or virtual meetings, personalized emails and legal need-oriented information. This stage is characterized by quite a lot of challenges which may not necessarily support the cause, not unless your firm has Salesforce CRM implemented and enjoys the benefits of Client Intake system to smoothen its processes. 

It holds that client satisfaction has the potential to result in lead growth, as a result of good reviews, positive feedback and referrals to your firm from other target markets. As such, it’s significantly important to  maintain an effective sales funnel using a comprehensive CRM platform such as Salesforce, not alone but with a helping hand from Rafayee Cloud Leaders as your consultant. Rafayee Cloud Leaders can journey with you and help place your firm on a much denser market map. You can also check with our white paper: Salesforce Customisation – Rafayee Cloud Leaders

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